Ashwin 1, 2070: First National Science Day of Nepal



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Government of Nepal has announced to celebrate First National Science day on Ashwin 1, 2070. The slogan of this National Science day is "Bigyan ra Prabidhi Desko ko Samridhi". 
This slogan was selected by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) through a National contest. Out of 300 different slogans submitted to NAST by various persons or Organizations, the Slogan sent by Dhanshyam Sapkota of Baglung win the cash prize of Rs. 10,000.
Commemorating the establishment day of Amrit Science Campus (Ascol), government of Nepal decided to celebrate first ever Science day. 
According to the organizers from Amrit Science Campus, a rally will be organized on Tuesday morning from Tri-Chandra Campus Ghantaghar to the Ascol premises. Similary, Ministry of Science and Technology and Environment will organize a program at the National Academy Hall in the afternoon.
NAST urged all the concerned organizations to organize various promotional science activities and to make people aware about the value of Science and technology and its importance for the overall development of Nepal.