Are Nepalease educational institutions rife with corruption?



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Education and Corruption are two interrelated discipline. The long standing believe is that When people are educated and aware, they help to mitigate the corruption and the rate of corrupted officials decrease with literacy. Ironically, few days ago a news surfaces via major National dailies of Nepal, citing high-placed source of the anti-graft constitutional body. 
According to this source, Top level officials of Major Educational Institutions of Nepal, Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine (Under Tribhuvan University), HSEB, and Purbanchal University are under CIAA Scanner for indulging in corruption. 
According to  that source Tribhuvan University Vice-Chancellor Hira Bahadur Maharjan, former dean of Institute of Medicine Dr Arun Sayami, Shashi Shrestha of Nepal Medical Council and former VC Ram Awatar Yadav of Purvanchal University are among those under CIAA scanner.
According to law, all people are innnocent until proven guilty. We are not sure that these high ranked officials really did corruption or its just a complaint and the investigation going on. But If they could not be proven innocence, this will really shattered the hopes of many students/academicians who have hope in the Educational bodies, educational policy etc. 
How can the doctors of Department of Anatomy do the corruption? By selling the bodies of deceased individuals to other medical colleges charging hefty fee? How insensitive the person can be, business of the corpse in the name of teaching purpose is really a disgusting works.
Similarly, Official of Nepal Medical Council might have amassed lots of wealth by granting affiliation to the Medical colleges and giving them more seats to enroll MBBS students, beyond the capacity of the number of patient flow in the hospital and other educational infrastructure.
The corruption scandals inside HSEB Office and Purbanchal University are not new. If we analyze the corruption news in major dailies since few years, These two institution along with CTEVT are always in the center of debate of Corruption in the educational institutions.
Some people believe that there is a huge amount of illegal monetary transcation during affiliation process in all major education institutions. 
Here is the list of Top educational officials who are charged of corruptions: 
  1. Dr. Shahi Sharma, Coordinator: Nepal Medical Council
  2. Dr. Arun Sayami, Former Dean: Institute of Medicine
  3. Dr. Ratindra Shrestha : Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Anatomy Department
  4. Dr. Ram Prasad Upreti : Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Anatomy Department
  5. Dr. Sarad Raj Onta, Asst. Dean : Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Anatomy Department
  6. Dr. BInal Sinha, Asst. Dean : Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Anatomy Department
  7. Der. Bhaktaman Shrestha, Chairman: BP Koirala Cancer Hospital, Chitwan
  8. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan, Vice Chancellor: Tribhuvan University
  9. Dr. Ram Awatar Yadav, Ex-Vice Chancellor: Purbanchal University
  10. Dr. Maheshwor Man Shrestha, Vice Chacellor: Purbanchal University
  11. Raj Kumar Thakur, Ex-registrar: Purbanchal University
  12. Niroj Pandey, Registrar: Purbanchal University
  13. Hem Kumar Mishra, Vice Chairman: HSEB
  14. Bhim Lal Gurung, Member Secretary: HSEB

Source of Name liste: The Himalayantimes

This high number of involvement of Top officials from Major educational bodies in corruption if proved, education sector of Nepal will  no  longer be the service sector and is the major business hub where people are ready to sacrifice their ethics, people are outlawed and can do anything for making profits for them and their clients. 
According to that source and as reported by Himalayan Times, “A letter has been forwarded to Nepal Rastra Bank to immediately suspend transactions through their bank accounts,” CIAA has also asked the NRB to circulate its order to all the banks and financial institutions to suspend their transactions.