An interview with Father Augustine Thomas, Principle St Xavier's College


Republica National Daily

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Father Augustine Thomas, SJ’s journey in Nepal started 20 years ago. With a nine-year experience in the education sector of Nepal, Fr Augustine is currently serving his second year at St Xavier’s College as the Principal. Before the dawn of the inaugural of the silver jubilee, Republica caught up with Fr Augustine to talk about the present and all that lies ahead for St Xavier’s College.

What would you say is unique about students from St Xavier’s College?
Most of the students who have already graduated from this college have turned out to be job creators and they also have a passion for social service. The uniqueness of students from St Xavier’s College lies in the fact that they are socially responsible citizens. 

Along with the course, each teacher is supposed to impart social values to its students. Also, there’s a conference for Bachelors and Master which is conducted by the Principal. To add to that, from this year onwards, we’ve made the social work camp compulsory for all faculties – earlier it was only for the social work faculty.

As Principal, is there anything in specific that you’d like to change or improve during your service?
My main focus is to leave an impact on the character of youngsters through discipline and to bring up the academic excellence. Also, we’re planning on expanding the college into a university and while the process is going on, in another three years, we will be expanding into another branch.

What would you say is the need of the hour in Nepal, in regards to education?
Education has to touch the psychological, emotional, spiritual and intellectual aspects of an individual. In the present scenario, students are forced to go bookish in such a way that the subject is making the student a subject and not a person. This isn’t what education is about. Education is about the transformation of a student.

Source Republica National Daily