Age no bar to be educated


Himalayan News Service

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Bedmaya Puri, an 84-year old lady and a resident of Hasposa of Sunsari proved that age could be no bar to a person willing to get educated.

A year ago, she has no any idea about alphabets. Now, she can read and write easily. She went to a adult literary class six month ago and started getting informal education run with the help of local women.

In the beginning she could write her name but now she can read newspapers with no trouble. Her hearing power is weak though she reads local newspapers over a cup of tea. "She can easily read the headlines," she said

I feel restless until I read newspaper, she said. With the support of her granddaughter Junusa Puri, she is able to learn more words and sentences than other women, she added.

Usually, she sit with her granddaughter and son to study and they give company to her happily, she said. "I could not do anything more and have no work at home, so I study to give encouragement to other people".

She became famous at the local areas when she started reading and writing sentences. Her parents got her married when she was still a small village girl even when she liked to got to school, just because her parents were uneducated even she has desired to read. "My childhood desire fulfilled now", she said.

Similarly, the informal education changes the life of Manmaya, who have reached her 50 years of age. This day she spent more time reading and writing and does not have to feel ashamed of not being able to read and write, she informed.

She has not taken support from other persons to solve minor household mathematics after gaining informal education. Some people teased her in beginning when she started going to the classes but now those people visited her house to get help for minor household mathematics.

Moreover, 59-year old Sarasowati Puri’s had faced many difficulties as she was uneducated. After joining the informal education classes, her life too has changed for better.

The informal education had brought positive changes in the life of Bedmaya, Dhanmaya and Sarasowati as they are able to read and write themselves and are thus able to solve many household problmes.

(Source: The Rising Nepal)