91 schools devoid of teachers' posting in Darchula



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25th July, 2017


Despite of the abundant investment in the community education by the nation, the overall status of learning outcome in Darchula district has not increased. From last three years, the teaching-learning outcome has not gone over 50%.

The status had slightly increased from the academic session of 2070 to 2071B.S. while it tended to decline in the session of 2072 again. Among several reasons for this, the incapacity to fulfill the number of teachers as per requirement and the lack of effective teaching process in the classrooms are the main causes according to the District Education Office Darchula.

Degradation of teaching achievement due to lack of Teachers’ posting

District Education Officer Khagendra Bahadur Singh says the inability to upgrade the teaching status is due to the insufficient number of teachers in accordance to the students’ population. A total of 91 schools are running without sufficient posting of teachers according to Singh. The vacant posts, of the 11 teachers who resigned to participate in local elections and 4 who retired, have not been fulfilled, says DEO Singh.

Political intervention in appointment of teachers

There have been some conflict regarding the appointment of teachers after decision was made to keep the secondary education within the local level government. Some representatives express only the local level government should appoint the teachers and the admission of temporary teachers should be postponed until the orders don’t come in while others say whether local government or District Education Office whoever should appoint the teachers and continue the classes in schools.

“Only the local government has the authority to appoint teachers.” Says the chief of Mahakali muncipality on which agrees the chairman of Maarmaa rural municipality (gaunpalika).

DEO Singh adds that the fulfillment of teachers’ posting has been halted by the local election and in this situation the political parties and local government should collaborate to bring a solution to this issue.