63rd senate meeting of Kathmandu University held in Dhulikhel



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Chairman of the Interim Election Council of Ministers and Chancellor of Kathmandu University, Khil Raj Regmi, has said that a mechanism providing service and facility to people could not be mobilized as no achievements have been made as per the investment in education sector.

Speaking at the 63rd meeting of Kathmandu University (KU) in Dhulikhel, Regmi stressed on the need of addressing the aspirations of the educated unemployed human resources as it would not be agreeable if role is not given as per qualification and capacity of the educated human resources.

Admitting that the state could not take benefit from such human resources though it has been able to make satisfactory success in producing educated human resources, he said political stability is needed to move towards right direction by utilizing education.

Emphasizing on the need of education for social development and transformation of society, Chairman Regmi said that there should be strong determination for political stability. 
Pro-Chancellor of KU and Minister for Education, Madhav Poudel were Present on the occasion.

On the occasion, Vice-Chancellor of KU, Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju, said that they are thinking to add a new programme of Public Policy in their present course structure.