Alternative Admission (for Disadvantaged Group) for TSLC in Electrical Engineering: Bheri Technical School (BTS)

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Application form open: 2019-03-11

Application form close: 2019-03-17


Bheri Technical School (BTS) ,  Nepalgunj, Banke  announces admission for TSLC in Electrical Engineering for alternative candidates under Special Education Scholarship Program for the academic year 2075/76 for the Disadvantaged Group. 

Alternative candidates of the respective province and have enrolled in the same program are requested to submit the application within Chaitra 03, 2075 (March 17, 2019) to Bheri Technical School (BTS) Banke. 

For further information, contact:

Bheri Technical School (BTS) 

 Nepalgunj, Banke

 081-521538, 081-523651

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Bheri Technical SchoolBheri Technical SchoolNepalgunj-16,, Nepalgunj081-521538, 081-523651