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Galaxy Education Foundation


Affiliation Higher Secondary Education Board,

Address: Gyaneshwor,Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Phone: 977-1-4410076,4414584


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  • Galaxy Education Foundation was established in 1995 with multiple objectives. Among its many aims, its primary aim is to sponsor underprivileged or meritorious students. It also plays an important role in the upliftment of the girl child. G.E.F. ensures free education to such children in Galaxy Public School.

    G.E.F also conducts training program in vocational subjects. These courses are mainly for those school level children who can not handle formal education.

    Recently G.E.F. working on the revival of almost extinct dance forms of Nepal. It is trying to preserve the saintly of Nepalese folk culture. A lot of research work is being done on Gandharva Nepalese vocal music. 20 children belonging to the Gandharva tribe receive free education in Galaxy Public School. These children are encouraged to practise and propagate their kind of music. In this way G.E.F is trying to stop the rich Nepalese culture from fading into oblivion.

    The emancipation of girls and women is one of the prime objectives of the school. This attempt for the upliftment of girls has been crowned with success. The school has launched various programs in many districts of Nepal in order to create a sense of awareness among women.

    The school has organized women's football competitions in order to encourage the women to take part in games and sports.

    There are quite a few young girls who receive free boarding, lodging and education in the school. They come from very remote places in Nepal.

    Contact Address

    Galaxy Eduction Foundation

    P.O. Box No.: 4901

    Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

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