Master of Arts (MA) in English - Tribhuvan University

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Master of Arts in English is a two year program of Tribhuvan University which is run in its constituent and affiliated colleges.




1.       Minimum 45% score at Bachelor’s level and at the equivalent levels recognized by the Curriculum Development Centre, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur

2.       Must have studied Major English at intermediate and Bachelor levels.

Admission Criteria


Course Structure:Master of Arts (M.A.) Programme for ENGLISH

The syllabus comprises 10 groups and the students will take one paper from each group in the two-year cycle. Campuses running M.A. programmes in English outside the Central Departmental of English can introduce only the first paper of each group from one to nine and the first three papers of group X-Tragedy. American literature and Teaching of Language and Literature. To teach other papers of any of the ten groups, prior approval should be taken from the Central Department of English. Private candidates can take only the first course of each group from one to nine and the first three papers of group X-Tragedy, American Literature and Teaching of Language and Literature. As for the thesis, Private candidates should take a prior approval from the central Department of English.

Course Structure : First Year

History of Literature ( Any One)

I Eng 501-1 Survey of English and American Literature 100 Marks
Eng 501-2 Movement / Genre Studies  
Eng 501-3 Period Studies  

Critical Foundation ( Any One)

II Eng 502-1 Critical Theories from Plato to the Post-modern 100 Marks
Eng 502-2 Critical Approaches to the study of Literature  
Eng 502-3 Theories of Literature  
Eng 502-4 Post-modern and Post colonial Studies  

Linguistics ( Any One)

III Eng 503-1 Stylistics 100 Marks
Eng 503-2 Pragmatics  
Eng 503-3 Semiotics  

Writing ( Including Research Methodology (Any One)

IV Eng 504-1 Creative Writing 100 Marks
Eng 504-2 Rhetoric / Composition  
Eng 504-3 Composition Studies  

Fiction (Any One)

V Eng 505-1 A General Survey of British and American Fiction 100 Marks
Eng 505-2 Fictional Genres & Themes  
Eng 505-3 Short Fiction  
Eng 505-4 Special Authors

Course Structure : Second Year

Poetry ( Any One)

VI Eng 506-1 British and American Poetry: A Survey 100 Marks
Eng 506-2 Poetry's Public  
Eng 506-3 Special Author(S)  
Eng 506-4 Special Topics  

Drama ( Any One)

VII Eng 507-1 British and American Drama: Canons and Contexts 100 Marks
Eng 507-2 Theatre Studies  
Eng 507-3 Global Perspectives on Drama  
Eng 507-4 Special Authors(S)  

Area Studies ( Any One)

VIII Eng 508-1 South Asian Studies 100 Marks
Eng 508-2 Non-Western Studies  
Eng 508-3 Comparative Studies  

Special Topics (Any One)

IX Eng 509-1 Intellectual History 100 Marks
Eng 509-2 Modernism  
Eng 509-3 Colonialism and Postcolonialism

Additional Topics (Any One)

X Eng 510-1 Tragedy 100 Marks
Eng 510-2 Teaching of Language and Literature  
Eng 510-3 American Literature  
Eng 510-4 Children's Literature  
Eng 510-5 Environmental Literature  
Eng 510-6 Gender Literature  
Eng 510-7 Literature In Translation  
Eng 510-8 Interdisciplinary American Studies  
Eng 510-9 Media studies  
Eng 510-10 Inter-Art Studies  
Eng 510-11 Nepalese Studies  
Eng 510-12 Cultural Studies  
Eng 510-13 Thesis