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Uniglobe Higher Secondary School was established with a sole objective of serving the nation in gaining titanic leap in today's global scenario headed for 21st century relevant science and management education.

The college is located at the heart of nation’s capital, Kamaladi -31, Kathmandu. Uniglobe Higher Secondary School of +2 Science and +2 management (Global College associate) is the learning home of general and medical science, engineering and information technology, and a SciTech carter, and of general, elective and modern management streams in Nepal.

The organization is promoted by a group of professors, long experienced academicians and professionals motivated to contribute in the field of establishing time demanded educational institutions of distinctive identity in Nepal. The team comprises professors and educational experts contributing in diverse sectors at home and abroad both. The college founders are from major promoters of Global College of Management and Uniglobe College, who have been running HSEB and University Programs ranging from +2 level through bachelor and master degree.


Uniglobe HSS/college aims to be a world-class, research driven, independent Centre of Science and Management Education that ensures a conducive environment to groom and nurture potential individuals to be future scientists, researchers, doctors, engineers, pilots, medical doctors, proficient technicians, business entrepreneurs, managers and business leaders to serve humanity at home and abroad.


Our mission is to develop a referral learning abode in the academic discipline of Management, Science and Technology with boundless opportunities and career in the field of business administration, entrepreneurship and business leadership, and management researches in addition to researches and inventions in general science, medical science, engineering, and technology by imparting time-tested and life-centered quality education in a congenial environment deploying it for service to humanity.


To construct and disseminate research-based knowledge in management, science and technology;

To develop leadership in the field of business, science and technology in an innovative teaching - learning environment with special focus on problem solving methods and practical course deliveries;

To ensure nurturing environment for business and entrepreneurial innovations, scientific discoveries and inventions in general and medical science, engineering and technology; and in the field of modern management studies; and

To contribute to the welfare and development of society at local, national and global level by ensuring quality education in management, science and technology.


Salient Features

Resources and Facilities

Most Appealing Premises

Uniglobe Higher Secondary School operates all its academic programs in a cost effective but very congenial environment enriched with ultra- modern facilities.

Class Rooms

Uniglobe Higher Secondary School classrooms are indeed real places designed to ensure high learning outcomes supported by benchmark standards such as AC support, fire alarm, smoke detector, air ducts, multimedia, and high speed internet.

Conference Hall

Uniglobe Higher Secondary School has very spacious and well equipped conference hall with the capacity of more than 300 seats. The conference hall is a techno –equipped place where various kinds of co-curricular activities such as stage performance programs, conferences, presentations, talk shows, exhibitions.


Uniglobe Higher Secondary School provides updated and resourceful library facility to assist making teaching-learning process to become enriched and complete. The library has a wide collection of books on science and management, encyclopedias, dictionaries, periodicals (journals, magazines, bulletins etc.), multimedia and soft learning devices.

Computer Lab

Uniglobe Higher Secondary School is incomparably enriched with computer lab consisting of branded LED computers with unlimited internet facilities.


The cafeteria of Uniglobe Higher Secondary School is managed with quality services with standard menu on breakfast, snacks and main courses. Varieties of health friendly local as well as continental menu guaranteed of quality are served at reasonable cost.


Uniglobe Higher Secondary School deputes a number of buses as needed for convenient and unrestricted conveyance facilities. The buses as well as student friendly micro- buses are operated for students to receive transportation services from any part of ring road within Kathmandu.


Scholarships in +2 Science and Management


Type/Nature of Scholarships

+2 Science

+2 Management

Highest scorer in an average of SLC grade, entrance and interview at UGHSS/ College (1)

Admission and annual fees 75% off and monthly fee 100% off.



Underprivileged, Dalit, Aadibasi, Janajati, Madheshi, Tharu community, Remote Area and Financially Poor group(One Candidate from each category and condition applied).*

Admission fee 100% off and monthly fee 50% off.



Karnali region (candidate must pass SLC from Karnali zone) (2):

Admission fee 50% off and monthly fee 50% off.



National Player (2):

Admission fee 100% off and monthly fee 50% off.



National Figure, exceptionally talented (2):

Admission fee 100% off and monthly fee 50% off.



Single Parent (Mother) (4):

Admission fee 50% off and monthly fee 50% off.



For detail information, please visit the website of the College


* Applicant should:

- fall in the community;

- have HSEB recommendation letter;

- have highest score among the applicants;

- submit the proof of economically poor;

** The college administration reserves the right to fix the quota as per the internal and financial situation.

- Maximum amount of scholarship does not exceed 100% in case of repetition.

- Scholarship is subject to discontinuation in the next session if the recipient students are unable to maintain their academic position and also discipline.

  • In case of repetition of scholarship to a single candidate under different criteria, single scholarship will be valid for highest value.
  • In case of expulsion or termination, financial deposits will not be refunded.


Admissions in +2 Management

  1. Entry Requirements: Students seeking admissions at UGHSS/ College (+2 Management) are required to pose the education profile as stipulated here: SLC or equivalent education with minimum first division.
  2. ENTRANCE TEST: Students must appear the entrance test as scheduled by the college. The test comprises the questions related to Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.
  3. Interview: Each candidate on being declared passed in the entrance test is called for interview.
  4. Final Result for Admission: The final result of successful candidates for admission is published on the basis of weighted average of the entrance test, interview and SLC score.

Admissions in + 2 Science

  1. Eligibility: Students seeking admissions at Uniglobe HSS/college are required to pose education profile as stipulated: SLC or equivalent with minimum 60% in aggregate
  2. Entrance Test: Students must appear in the entrance test as scheduled by Uniglobe HSS/college. The test comprises questions mainly on science such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge.
  3. Interview: Each candidate on being declared passed in the entrance test is called for interview.
  4. Final Result for Admission: The final result of successful candidates for admission is published on the basis of weighted average of the entrance test, interview and SLC score.

Message from College

  • Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, PhD


    Uniglobe Higher Secondary School

    I sincerely acknowledge all the students, parents and guardians of Global College International (GCI) for your trust on us in our joint endeavours geared to transforming the self and the society in this competitive environment to become the pillar of your family, society and the nation.

    Since 2010, Global College International (GCI) has been recognized as being a pioneering centre of world class business education for those students who are in the hunt of global standards within their homeland, Nepal. At GCI, we endeavour to offer the Business education that is innovative, reflecting best practices and catering for a broad academic range. In this regard, GCI has manifested its commitment of providing international educational opportunities by launching MBA International program in affiliation with SIU, Thailand on and along with successfully serving our valued scholars being with us for Cambridge A Level since 2010. I firmly believe our affiliation with SIU, Thailand for higher education in Management stream will become a measuring rod for international standard at home.

    In the light of the vision, mission and goals of GCI, in our best capacity, we apply the most current practices of modern corporate sector so that our students can vigil the events of daily business lives in the classroom and be prepared to face with the real life challenges without feeling the havocs and resentment. Our key emphasis ever since has been in seeking to foster business and professional attitude of responsibility in our students by injecting the broad social and moral values.

    At Global College International, we strive to provide our students with a stimulating environment in order for meaningful learning to take place. Most importantly, we insist on selecting and appointing quality, committed, enthusiastic and talented faculties and staff who are passionate about educating young people. We value our staff and are committed to selecting educators who will engage the students in a learning journey that is exciting, authentic and significantly relevant to their own interests.

    I warmly welcome all the inquisitive scholars to visit our College and meet with me. I am sure that the dynamic and caring culture at GCI will make you feel a difference.

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