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Quest International College, established in 2009 AD is located in Lalitpur, Gwarko. Ideal setting for learning, it has been envisioned to remain as the center for Academic Excellence in management education and development by imparting quality management education, professional development skills and capabilities, and contributing significantly in the field of research and development.

Quest International College offers BBA and BHM with affiliation from Pokhara University. At Quest International College, students actively engage in the challenges of today 's global business with analytical and rigorous thinking. Students learn how to make decision, reason strategically and understand the dimensions of a business problem.

Faculty of Quest, brings real world, real-time knowledge to an unparalleled depth and breadth of courses. It aims in pursuit of excellence to create a new, more global and more productive result engaging experiences for students. Quest offers the latest approach in teaching in the area of business, leadership, and management education and to business research. It is an applied Management School targeted for aspirants who want to build enterprises on their own as well.

Quest International College aims to producing future businessman, top global executives, and bankers, managers who can handle government and private organizations efficiently.


Salient Features

Salient Features of Quest International College
Quest is a promise for educational excellence with a focus of imparting need-responsive quality education in the broad ranges of management and business studies. It is an apt choice as it is established by professional, efficient and dedicated team of lecturers and management experts.

  1. Emphasis on practical classes along with theories
  2. Student centered teaching methodology
  3. Spacious, sunny and airy modern building with peaceful and congenial academic atmosphere.
  4. Ample scholarships available for deserving students.
  5. Credit transfer facility in world class universities (USA, UK, AUS, CANADA) for further education.
  6. Extensive relationships with corporate community and prestigious organizations for students exposure
  7. Job placement services to the QUEST graduates
  8. Highly equipped, sophisticated and resourceful laboratories and library.


QUEST recognizes its merit students with scholarship based on internal Examinations and Pokhara University Board Examinations result.

Ample scholarships are available for deserving students


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