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Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus
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Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus popularly known as PN Campus, one of the largest campus (on the basis of students number) is a government campus to the northern part of Pokhara Sub-Metropolis on its own peaceful premises. It has been striving to come up as a bench-mark in the national educational milieu.

This academic institution was initially established in Sept 1, 1960 as the first community inter college of the region by the academic intellectuals, social workers on the demand of students.

Now it is running 17 Master's programs in morning and evening shifts. In addition to Master's programs, it is running Bachelor programs in four faculties: Humanities and Social sciences, Education, Management and law, and one Institute: Science and Technology in morning, day and evening shifts. Relative to newly established universities, it is rich in human resource and physical facilities. Now it is the time to advance this campus to a state funded university. So this strategic plan has been prepared to upgrade Prithivi Narayan Campus to a state run university.

Prithvi Narayan campus has covered 36.34 hectare of land at Bhimkali Patan, Bagar. It celebrated Golden Jubilee (50th anniversary) on Bhadra 17, 2067 (September 2, 2010). At present it has 8007 students, 504 teachers and 116 administrative staff.

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Prithvi Narayan Campus

Bagar, Pokhara


Salient Features

Student Statistics

PN campus is one of the largest constituent campuses of TU. In spite of the phase out of PCL program, it has shown a substantial number of students for Bachelor programs. Similarly, students in Master's programs are found increasing year after year.

Physical Facilities

PN campus is enriched with 6 class-room buildings, 3 laboratories, 1 regional library and 1 administrative building for running academic programs. Other facilities provided by campus are Student Hall, Teacher Association Building, Staff Association Building, Memorial Building, Golden Jubilee Building, Health Centre, Student Hostels, Seminar Hall, Cafeteria, Sport grounds, Student Union Office, Teacher and Staff quarters, and Shopping Complex.


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