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K and K international College bears its name from the first letter of two colleges, which have earned their distinct names in two different educational sectors.

KCBMHS (Kantipur College of Business, Management and Humanities Studies) was established in 1998 by renowned academicians with a mission to create quality Nepalese working professionals in the field of management. KCBMHS feels pleased to have created an environment for students of Nepal in our academic institution. Moving with the pace of time, it has earned its reputation by producing a generation of highly competent student, well equipped with skills, knowledge and values to succeed in life. It cares for them and provide support with state of the art facilities in ever possible way so that they learn and blossom in pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. Today the college boasts of its quality graduates, finding a very good position in the society and their respective fields. Our motto is Plan, Participate and Lead keeping this motto, we presently offer +2, BBA, BBS, BSW, BA and MA in Rural Development affiliated to HSEB and TU.

Knowledge and Wisdom Academy was established in 2001 by some renowned academicians to cater for the growing demand of parents and students in the higher secondary level by providing demand of parents and students in the higher secondary level by providing quality education and guaranteeing top class graduates. Its mission is to promote education and research to foster excellence in higher secondary level programs, to recruit the best teachers and to enhance the quality of the students experience.

K and K International College, an outcome of those two merged institutions, takes an oath to come up with the expectations of parents and students as it believe in the saying "Winners do the same thing but differently."


Nestled at the heart of Kathmandu, it is located at New Baneshwor in front of International Convention Centre. The college is accessible from Patan, Bhaktapur and from all the major parts of Kathmandu city. Almost all public vehicles operate through New Baneshwor couple of them even operate through our main gate.

Some outstanding results achieved by students of K and K International College

  1. BSW Topper (2068): Nirupama Ghimire
  2. BSW Topper (2067): Kriti Shrestha
  3. BSW Topper (2066):Deepak Khada Chhetri
  4. BSW Topper (2066): Prashamsha Subba
  5. BSW Topper (2065): Anima Ghimire


Salient Features


The college has a spacious library with wide range of resource materials. The library resources include course books, reference books and various national and international periodicals. The library is fully connected to the net; the students can make use of this facility at specific timetables decided by the college management.


Sports and recreational activities are essential part of growth. It refreshes and energized. The college recognizes this fact and gives to participate in these activities on specific timetables decided by the management. Our students can make use of our various sporting facilities including table tennis, basketball, cricket and badminton.


The college will make an arrangement with professional psychologist to help the students with any kind of problems they may encounter during their schooling days. The psychologist will be available on specific time tables.


The college computer lab is also connected to high speed internet facility. The students can make use of the extensive facility for their research and recreation. Computer is an important part of syllabus requirement for BBA. This facility is primarily used to satisfy the needs of BBA syllabus.


Recreational activities should be a part of growth of each of our students. In this reference college will encourage the students to enroll in one of the clubs formed by the college management. Club activities will occur once regularly during the college calendar.


K and K International College recognizes the need for supporting meritorious, needy and students with exceptional achievements in any discipline.

Application forms and more information can be obtained from the college reception. Continuation of the scholarship depends on academic performance, conduct and discipline of the student.

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