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Started back in 1996 as one of the pioneering IT colleges in Nepal, Islington College, now a premier college in Nepal, offering world-class IT and Business academic qualifications. Islington College has a long and proud track record in providing high-caliber human capital to the IT and Business industry since 1996. We offer high-quality overseas degree programmes through partnerships with established international universities and institutions from Singapore and the UK.

Having grown from strength to strength, the College directly partners with London Metropolitan University (LondonMet) to deliver their Bachelor degrees in Computing; Computer Networking & IT Security; Multimedia Technologies; and Business Administration (BBA) programmes for in-country provision. Being the first academic institution in Nepal to run UK university undergraduate programmes, students may choose to study at our Kathmandu Campus, LondonMet's North London or Moorgate Campus.

Islington College takes an innovative approach to providing access to affordable higher education and bringing the learning experience beyond textbooks and classrooms to engage the mind, body and spirit of our students. Partnering with leading universities and institutions across the world, we offer the most sought after undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, combined with current industry practices to help students connect with the competitive employment market. Our wide range of modern facilities and recreational activities offer a rich and vibrant college life.

We remain focused on nurturing talent. With our unwavering drive towards quality excellence, a culture of collaboration and a commitment to the development of our students, we inspire in our students the passion to learn and excel, and ultimately preparing them for the challenges in the real world. This might be the reason why our alumni are working in various international IT companies like Microsoft & Google. Moreover, several premier IT companies in Nepal are either founded by Islington graduates or employ some of her 3500+ graduates. In a span of 19 years of, Islington boasts approx. 1200 students and employs 100 full time teaching and non-teaching staffs.

Starting from 2014, we have introduced London Metropolitan University's M.Sc. IT in Computing. This is in line with our continual effort in bringing world-class UK education to Nepalese students. And with the introduction of these course, Nepali students can now carve their future in IT or Business sector and this will open avenues for their future in global IT and business arena. This, we believe, is the reason why Islington is considered as one of the premier IT & Business School in Nepal.



Islington College and London Metropolitan University offers a range of Scholarship Programmes to deserving students. These scholarships are intended to reward and recognise students with superior academic performance and participation in academic and extracurricular activities.

London Metropolitan University School of Computing Leadership Summit

The London Metropolitan University School of Computing Leadership Summit, sponsored by London Metropolitan University's School of Computing, is a competitive annual award (covering all fees) that enables 70 School of Computing Undergraduates to attend a leadership excursion (20 for Peak; 50 for Base) held during the summer semester that aims to build upon the leadership, teamwork, communication and employability soft skills promoted in the programmes' curriculum. It is proposed that the Peak Leadership Summit would be held in Pokhara (or equivalent), while the Base Leadership Summit would be held in Nagarkot (or equivalent).

School of Computing Undergraduates may apply for the leadership summit in writing each June/July and selection will be based on the following criteria, inclusive of an oral presentation to and an interview with the selection panel:

Intellectual ability, GPA >= 3.00 (over previous 2 semesters)

Leadership and Character

Contribution to Society and to the College

All eligible award winners must also be London Metropolitan University School of Computing Undergraduates of good standing, having finances current, meeting attendance of 80% for each module and a clean disciplinary record.


Admission Procedure

You are expected to come to the college personally or together your friends and guardians. There will be a team of experienced student counselors and personal academic advisors, providing you with a better understanding of the programme offerings. You are usually invited to participate in a "College Tour" where you will be shown around the college to have a good sense of how the college operates and strive to provide a conducive learning environment for students.


When you have decided to study a bachelor's degree in the college, you are required to come to the college to complete the college and university's application forms. Particularly, you must ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of acceptance for any degree programme, methods to pay College, University Fees and Refund Policy. The following documents must be brought along to the college admission department:

  1. 2 x recently taken passport size photos
  2. Original copy of highest attained academic qualifications (e.g. HSEB, 'A' Level certificate)
  3. Any other supporting evidence of English Language Proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English reports/certificates)
  4. Original copy of citizenship certificate or passport

The submitted documents will be photocopied and verified as true copies against the original by the admission officials. The college reserved all rights to reject any application if the original copy of the official document is not presented at the point of application. You are also expected to pay a nominal application fee to the college for this purpose. Your academic qualifications will be immediately screened through by the college admission officials for your eligibility. If you satisfied the standard entry requirements for the bachelor's degree, the college will be in the position to offer you a conditional acceptance offer for registering with the college.


The completed application forms and documents will also be submitted to London Metropolitan University for final approval and the college will inform you within the next 3 to 5 working days of the evaluation results. If your application has been approved and accepted, you will be informed via email or phone to come to the college immediately to complete your registration. If the university are unable to approve your application, the college will inform and advise you or your guardian accordingly.


You are required to come to the college immediately to complete your registration. The college reserve all rights to reject your registration if you do not complete the registration procedure within 5 working-days upon receiving the evaluation results from the University. An official student contract will be drafted and to be acknowledged and signed between the college and you. You will then proceed to make your College Fees to the college and an invoice for the University Fees will also be issued for you to make the necessary payment.


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  • Mr. Sulav Budhathoki


    Islington College

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