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Global College International (GCI) is a centre for world-class education in management and it aims to transform each graduate with skill competence, ability, willingness and professional maturity to face the challenges and also to take benefit of the opportunities of globally competitive business environment.


GCI has an aim to be known as one of the most referred institutions in management education, research, institutional innovation and development, and more importantly, professional development to meet the ever-increasing needs of business communities, development agencies and social and public sector organizations.


Our all efforts and system processes are, and will always remain focused on, to develop good to great thinkers, business and social entrepreneurs, responsible and capable managers, and ultimately good human beings through our market-friendly, accessible, flexible, innovative, industry-aligned and internationally recognized academic programs, research and innovation initiatives, and professional development programs in the field of management, keeping in view the professional and entrepreneurial needs of all sectors in the global context.


As the Nepal country campus of Shinawatra University, Thailand, the main objective of Global College International (GCI) is to impart universal management education on a solid platform of learning through research-based practices to prepare each graduate a competent professional, ready to face the challenges of the world of business and other sectoral governance in a more dynamic environment posing multiple realities.

In this respect, our overall effort is specifically focused to --

1. develop the management graduates with sound knowledge, skill competence and value system along with leadership qualities for positive transformation,

2. mentor the graduates with truthful exposure to develop, test and implement various tools and techniques of business management in a more pragmatic way for all type of decision rationalization,

3. expose graduates with knowhow and development opportunities to create and promote new initiatives in venture, governance and social development,

4. serve with various research and innovation solutions to the business community, government departments, development projects, development agencies, and other national and international agencies,

5. provide with internationally acclaimed, short-term and long-term programs on professional and institutional development, and

6. promote the ethical institutional practices with a collective sense of innovation, social responsiveness and systems compliance.


Salient Features

In today’s dynamic global society, it is imperative that young people must be well exposed to pluralism in respect with diverse values, cultures and traditions. In this respect, we, at Global College International, strive to differ from traditional academic institutions and practices as we encourage our teaching-learning community to be tangibly different from others. Here are a few of such differences:

  • We try to nurture with the probing spirit among the learners as a positive means of learning for transformation of the multi-dimensional personality for a more responsible and successful professional life ahead.
  • We inculcate the responsibility of learning on themselves -- individually and with their peer groups. For this, we have a culture of orienting and encouraging the graduates for continuous learning to realize the significance of business management issues at national and international level.
  • We reinforce on our graduates to go for an experiential learning system backed up by adequate research and innovation and exposure for professional development initiatives, while undergoing their formal education with us.
  • We develop real and concurrent cases to expose our graduates in various analyses and facilitate them to develop their managerial and entrepreneurial skills, more pragmatically by replacing intuition with research-based evidences.
  • Mostly, our eminent faculty members are not just academicians; they are the rated experts in respective field who encourage the learners to move beyond their comfort zones and visualize and commence acting beyond the common expectations.


GCI currently offers a full time MBA program with bi-annual intakes whereby the regular classes begin in August and February every year. All the graduating students are conferred with Master’s Degree by SIU, upon successful completion of the program. The duration of the MBA program is 24 months.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at GCI in affiliation with SIU is offered with the objective of preparing entrepreneurs and managers who are well conversant not only in various latest managerial concepts, tools, and techniques but also in the applied fields of diverse management disciplines such as corporate governance, banking, resource management, global business, HRM, organizational development and change, tourism and hotel management and other selected areas that they can take up the challenges of leading and managing their organizations by building competitive edge in the national and global context.

The MBA program at GCI entails multidisciplinary knowledge required to deal with the various responsible aspects of management along with the specific subjects such as economics, finance, banking, foreign exchange, insurance, international finance management, and international relations management.

The program focuses on dealing with the issues that affect the way business is conducted throughout the world. It aims to combine instructions with opportunities to discuss course contents with faculty and students having an ample scope for experiential learning. The students are encouraged to undergo several project works, term paper writing, delivering presentations, designing and delivering seminars and workshops and attending thematic lectures.

The students are also offered with an Internship Project exposure of eight weeks towards the last term of the academic program. In addition, all the GCI MBA graduating students also undergo a compulsory thesis research at the end of the program.

In fact, the entire MBA program at GCI has been designed keeping in view the need for developing a pool of entrepreneurs and professionals to lead the business enterprises, development projects and other initiatives in a more responsible and ethical manner.

Message from College

  • Dr. Karan Singh Thagunna, PhD


    Global College International

    Dear guardians and aspiring students, we are a college driven by a motto ‘Bringing the best together’ for future managers, doctors, engineers and scientists. Taking your trust as the guiding principle, we strive for academic excellence to meet your aspirations. Dr. Karan Singh THagunna.jpg

    Choosing a college where you continue your education is a major decision and I believe Uniglobe will be your choice that you will never regret if you are ambitious and determined to succeed. We are committed to making Uniglobe a ‘Centre of Academic Excellence’. We are working very hard to make this happen by making use of the advanced technologies and strategies in science and management education and thereby equipping the students to deal with the challenges in life successfully and to prepare them for their prosperous future.

    We have added a new standard in the teaching learning practices to cater the global as well as local needs. Among the many colleges in the country, Uniglobe has been unique with innovative pedagogical practices in imparting quality education leading to diverse future prospects. I pledge to fulfil the dream of young minds and to prepare them in building the society and the nation with ever craved sense of honesty, integrity and ethical decency that an organization must hold in a true sense. I am sure that you will appreciate the dynamic and caring culture and academic benchmarks at Uniglobe. I warmly welcome you to visit Uniglobe and take time to interact with us. I invite all educational enthusiasts to explore what we have to offer you for the best.

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