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Chitwan Medical College (CMC)
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Chitwan School of Medical Sciences (CSMS), registered under the Company Act on 2063/03/06 is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The motto of CSMS is provide quality health education and health care at an affordable price. Through various committees, CSMS has also included competent professionals in its management team who are experts in the field of medicine, nursing, management & administration, and finance.

Undoubtedly, the mission of Chitwan School of Medical Sciences (CSMS) is to provide the world-class medical education to future academics, medical practitioners and health care professionals in affordable prices. As an academic and medical center managed by highly qualified experts and professionals, the institution is offering various academic courses like MBBS, BSC Nursing, BN (Bachelor of Nursing) and Master of Nursing (MN). It will produce more than 1000 graduates within next 7 to 10 years of its operation and thereafter about 300 graduates every year. Continuous exposures to real life situations at the hospital will make graduates of CSMS highly proficient and dexterous which consequently create platforms for their placements in respective professional area. In order to give credence to graduates of CSMS to expose themselves into international medical career opportunity, the institute is planning to receive affiliations from various international medical councils such as USMLE, MCI, PLAB, and so on.

Contact Address
Chitwan School of Medical Sciences
PO Box: 14
Bharatpur-10 Chitwan Nepal


Salient Features

  1. Number of Hospital Beds:650

Recognitions and Accreditation

 Recognized by Nepal Medical Council (NMC)
 Recognized by Nepal Nursing Council (NNC)
 Recognized by Nepal Pharmacy Council (NPC)
 Recognized by Nepal Health Professional Council (NHPC)

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