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Birat Medical College is located at Tankisinwari, Biratnagar, is a 300 bed hospital with 15 specialized departments. Birat Medical College, Biratnagar, is the outcome of Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki. By 1992 AD, there were only few hospitals in Nepal regarding Gynaecological sector.

BMC is in a position to provide specialized medical care to patients requiring treatment in more than one area / ailment / disease. This is due to the unique availability of all the specialized departments under one roof and due to the existence of close understanding and harmony amongst these departments. Moreover BMC has a system by which it gives exposure to all consultants by periodically sending them for various national/international conferences, symposiums and specialized training overseas to acquire the latest knowledge and skills in their respective areas so that they can provide high quality medical service to all patients coming to the institution.



Recognitions and Accreditation

 Recognized by Nepal Medical Council (NMC)

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