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APEX College, established in 2000 AD and affiliated to Pokhara University, is a modern dynamic institution that blends rigorous academic pursuits with highly relevant, focused and skill-based courses to suit to the demand of various stakeholders in the job market. Quality education with student-centered teaching-learning approach, outstanding facilities, ample co-curricular activities, job placement and other academic services are the hallmarks of Apex's educational philosophy. In Bachelors level, Apex College is offering BBA, BBA-BI, BBA-TT and BCIS program. In Masters level the college is offering MBA and MBA Evening program.

Apex College believes in application-oriented education and activity-based learning. The student-centered learning environment at Apex facilities students to explore their own team-based learning opportunities. These teams help development of inter-personal skills through interaction and active participation in co-curricular activities and social services such as blood donations, dental camps, and donations to old-age homes, orphanages and flood victims.

The endeavors of Apex towards this direction have already started giving results. Our graduates have obtained excellent placements in leading and rapidly growing organizations, both in the country and abroad. Apex graduates have also obtained full credit transfers and have shown their mark in further studies both within and outside the country. These achievements have placed Apex in a position of distinction, and it continues to be the first choice for career-conscious students in the Bachelors and Masters levels in Management and IT.


Apex College is located at Devkota Sadak, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal


Salient Features

Physical Infrastructure
Apex has one of the best educational infrastructure and facilities in the country. Spacious buildings with modern ambience, cozy classrooms, resourceful and hi-tech laboratories supported by 24-hour fiber-optic connectivity, well-stocked library with online book surfing and book reservation system and modern auditorium all speak of Apex's superior infrastructure and facilities. A wireless network setup where students hook up their mobile computing units with the college network is another addition to the Apex infrastructure.

Message from College

  • Mr. L.P. Bhanu Sharma


    Apex College

    At Apex, you get the opportunity to learn, develop skills and shape your personality in line with your own career plan and what the market expects from you. The round-the-year events and student-managed clubs help you to explore yourself in various areas of management and IT and prepare you for life.

    Another important dimension of life at Apex is the opportunity to contribute to the society in various ways. Our students are involved in a number of social projects ranging from cleaning rivers and temples to helping needy children, supporting elderly homes and regular blood donation programs. Apex has contributed to Bagmati cleaning as one of the initiators of the movement. Most of these social service projects are created and managed by students themselves.

    We are concerned not just with your academic success while at college, but also with your placement after you graduate from the program. The Apex Career Services thoroughly prepares students for job and career through special training and development modules under the College to Corporate Program, and also takes care of their job placement.

    I look forward to personally welcoming you at Apex!

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